Vijayawada is capital region of Andhra Pradesh, which is famously known for Kanaka Durga Temple. It is also known as Bezawada, it is located on the banks of Krishna river. Vijayawada which literally means “The Land of Victory”. Vijayawada is the third mostly urban populated city in India and 10th in the world.

This article brings some facts about Vijayawada.

1. Historic Capital:

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Vijayawada was the capital city of Andhra Desam which was ruled by the Satavahana and Vishnukundina Dynasties, capital region of Satavahanas consisted of the surrounding towns of Eluru, Guntur, Nuzvidu and Gudiwada.

The manuscripts found on the Indra Kiladri hill of Durgamma dated 927-933 AD mentions the City name as Raja Cholendrapuram.

2. It has More History:

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Bezawada was founded around 626 A.D. by Paricchedi Kings, Vijayawada history reveals that it was ruled by King Madhava Varma, one of the kings of Vishnukundina dynasty. Chinese Buddhist scholar Xuazang stayed few years in Vijayawada in around 640 A.D. to copy and study the Abhidhamma Pitaka.

3. Kanaka Durga Temple: 

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Kanakadurgamma Temple situated on the banks of river krishna, Vijayawada. On the hill Indrakeeladri. This holy shrine of Goddess Durga is a Swayambhu and it is the second largest temple in Andhra Pradesh.

4. Kohinoor Diamond:

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Kohinoor Diamond which is a part of British crown Jewels was actually owned by Kakathiya dynasty. Kohinoor was mined in Kollur mine which is in the capital region of Andhra Pradesh.

 5. The Prakasam Barrage:

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Prakasam Barrage stretches across the Krishna River connecting Krishna and Guntur districts. It is one of the first major irrigation projects of South India completed in 1855. It helps irrigating over 1.2 million acres of land every year. And was completely successful in it’s mission.

6. Mogalarajapuram Caves:

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The Mogalarajapuram Caves in Vijayawada is one of the prime attractions of Vijayawada. The Mogalarajapuram Caves is popular for the three cave temples. This caves are dated back to 5th Century A.D.

7. India’s 2nd Biggest  Bus Terminal:

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Inaugurated on 23rd of September 1990. This bus terminal India’s biggest and Asia’s second largest bus terminal. Also called as ‘Sathavahana Prayana Pranganam’ in telugu, it is busiest bus terminal in Andhra Pradesh.

8. Vijayawada Railway Junction:

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Vijayawada railway junction is the sixth biggest railway junction of India with 10 platforms and 16 railway tracks.  The Vijayawada railway station is categorized as an A-1 station in India and also one of the ten model stations in the Vijayawada division. It is 4th busiest railway station in India.

9. United Andhra Pradesh’s First Private College:

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Velagapudi Ramakrishna Siddhartha Engineering College (VRSEC) of Vijayawada, is the first private engineering college to be setup in Andhra Pradesh in 1977. Many famous personalities studied in this college such as Ram Gopal Verma.

10. World’s Largest Mango Market. 


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Nunna mango yard is the world’s biggest mango market located in Vijayawada.